Interested Party Requesting to Present at P&T

Please note that the following is applicable to persons not affiliated with a drug manufacturer.

Any interested person may request to make a presentation or submit written material to the Ohio P&T Committee. The presentation or other material must be related to a meeting agenda item. Persons interested in presenting should check the agenda for the upcoming P&T Meeting at to identify whether the topic they wish to speak on is going to be discussed at the next meeting.

A request to speak or provide written testimony should be made by 5:00 PM on the Friday before the meeting.* The request should include the topic to be discussed as well as a signed conflict of interest statement. The conflict of interest must identify any relevant relationships which may impact the speaker’s statements (i.e. employer, client, advocacy group, relationship with pharmaceutical manufacturers, etc.). A person can contact the current clinical vendor in the following ways to make a request or if they need help in understanding the process to speak to the Committee:

Mail: Clinical Services Department
           PO BOX 1030
           Columbus, OH 43216

Phone: 1-877-518-1546; request to speak to the Clinical Pharmacist
Fax: 1-614-221-4055

* Please note that materials submitted after the deadline may not be considered by the Committee and requests made to provide testimony at the meeting will not be permitted.